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Houston Airport

MICA Corporation successfully completed a twenty million dollar design-build project for the Houston Airport System to replace all the wayfinding signage at George Bush Intercontinental Airport.  HAS recognized their existing wayfinding signage had become very cluttered and the ongoing maintenance of the sign lighting system had become very problematic.

MICA Corporation installed montotube structures that presented a sleeker appearance and eliminated the claustrophobic “tunnel” appearance of the old tubular structures.  Signs utilizing the latest technology of digitally printed reflective sheeting allowed the terminal color schemes to be presented in a much clearer fashion and eliminated the need for sign lighting and associated expensive maintenance.  The terminal airline information was moved from the old overhead structures spanning the roadways to being listed vertically in cabinets installed on the side of the entry roads and terminal roads.  The unique design of the cabinets allows airline names to be placed on individual removable panels that incorporate the same digitally printed reflective sheeting.  This design was welcomed by HAS as it allows simple removal and addition of airlines, allows airlines to be listed in alphabetical order and eliminates traffic disruption when changing airline information.
In addition to the static wayfinding signage, MICA Corporation designed and installed full matrix color dynamic message signs to display parking information for HAS facilities at all terminals and garages.  MICA Corporation also designed and installed the fiber optic cabling communication system and conduit infrastructure associated with the dynamic signs.  HAS also desired their existing airport entry and exit monument signs to be replaced.  MICA Corporation accepted this challenge and designed and installed entry monuments styled on the HAS logo.  The latest technology in LED and fiber optic lighting was utilized to illuminate the letter base and arches.  A similar approach was taken for the “Welcome to Houston” monuments with the added benefit of a full matrix color curved dynamic message sign placed behind the letter base.  The capabilities and visual appearance of this dynamic message sign is very impressive and HAS is very pleased.