MICA Corporation was established as a highway guard rail contractor in 1962 and has evolved over the past 40 years into the premier Texas specialty contractor in highway signing, lighting and ITS (Intelligent Traffic Systems). MICA also installs cellular telephone tower sites and performs much of the related work of these sites.

MICA Corporation has been on the cutting edge of Texas highway construction and will continually expand into the many aspects of the new "Smart Highway" technology. These include: Changeable Message Signs, Closed Circuit Cameras, Fiber Optic Cable Installation and Systems Integration. These provide the Texas Department of Transportation the ability to monitor traffic patterns and flow to inform the driving public of road conditions and manage traffic to reduce congestion.

The core of MICA’s business is the installation and erection of highway signing, highway lighting, traffic signals and guardrail. This work includes the big green guide signs and structures that are erected over the roadway, stop signs at intersections and the foundations they set on. MICA also installs 40’roadway illumination from small roadside light poles up to the 175’ high mast lighting poles seen at Freeway and Interstate Highway intersections along with the underground electrical conduit systems that provide power for the lights.

The continuing expansion and refurbishing of the highway system in Texas and MICA’s ability to perform diverse work, such as the cell tower sites, has provided for the steady growth of Mica Corporation. In turn, MICA provides a range of opportunities for our employees to have a career rather than just a job.